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From its line of Recipe Ready Blends to flavor matching to custom formulation, Golden Hill Foods can create the blends and flavors on which your product’s success relies.

  • Recipe Ready Blends: We have a database of ideal recipe matches that are ready to go for highly popular styles of meats, sauces and other popular items.  In many cases, this allows companies to speed their time to market with flavor blends that are already known to be proven winners.

  • Flavor Matching: Need a flavor matched exactly? Golden Hill Foods flavor matching methodology allows short cycle time to producing the exact taste and flavor profiles you are looking for. All recipes submitted are kept in strict confidence. 

  • Custom Blends: To create your desired taste profile or a proprietary trademark flavor, we use our in-house culinary experts, state-of-the-art blending facilities, and small batch capabilities that deliver the flavor you want in a very cost-effectively manner, allowing you to innovate in step with your customer’s needs. All recipes created are kept in strict confidence.