Golden Hill Foods Mexico Expansion
Bringing You a World of Pure Ingredients and Customized Blends

As part of our initiative to develop long term partnerships with our supplier network, we have expanded our company to Mexico. We now have offices located in Guadalajara. This means we can work intimately with the growers and processors in Mexico to strategically bring the best quality products and service to our customers. You can contact our new office by phone: +521 (81) 1177- 5353 or

Golden Hill Foods is Your Single Source Provider of Blending, Ingredient Procurement, and
Product Development Services

  • Work with our exceptional team to receive the highest quality spices, blends, and food enhancers at the best pricesĀ 
  • Ensure compliance with your quality and safety through our 100% backward integrated sources and certified facilities
  • Explore and innovate new flavors using our small batch blending capabilities
    and expert R&D
  • Accelerate your new product development through our hundreds of our ready-made blends.